How To Transfer A Youtube Channel From One Personal Google Account To Another


This technically works, but it isn’t a perfect fix to transfer a youtube channel, and things got a little glitchy for me when I did this. Google’s docs will tell you it’s not possible but I found a workaround.

What Transferred

I managed to keep all of my subscriptions, likes, watch history, videos, and subscribers. It also kept my personalized suggestions.

What Didn’t

Premium subscription. I had to go re-enable it and re-add my payment info. Other than that it worked fine.

Step #1 – Create A Brand Account

This is a different type of account used for managing a public facing brand. It has to be owned by another account, and it can have shared ownership between multiple accounts.

Make sure you create the brand account under the account you wish to transfer from.

Step #2 – Add Your New Personal Account as an Owner of the Brand Account

This part is easy, just invite the account you want to transfer to.

The link to your brand accounts page is hard to find for some reason so here’s the link. The page you need to be on looks like this:

Brand accounts dashboard where you can Transfer A Youtube Channel

Step #3 – Make Your Channel Your Default Youtube Login

You’ll end up having two “accounts” for youtube under the account you transfer the channel to and it won’t be the default account when you log in.

You’ll need to manually switch to the desired account each time you log in to youtube. It’s a little annoying but if you remain logged in it’s not too much of an issue.

How You Can Fix This Issue

It’s a hidden setting you can access here >>

Make sure that you’re signed into the correct channel (the one you want to auto login as) before you go here.

And then make sure that this setting titled “Default Channel” is checked for the option ” Use this channel (Mira Violet) when I sign in to my account”.

Step #4 – Remove the Old Account

All you need to do now is go back into the brand ownership settings and remove the old account.

Make sure you can log in through the new account and see that your youtube channel and all it’s stuff is transferred over before you do this. This is where things got a little glitchy for me and it took a few tries of adding the new channel for it to actually work.

Thank You For Reading!

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