4 Local Philadelphia Animal Charities To Donate To

If you’ve clicked on this link, then you’re likely an animal lover. If you love animals then I’m sure you want to help animals in need find a warm loving home and recive basic care. Supporting our local Philadelphia animal charities is one great way to help out!

As you’re probably aware, shelters and foster programs that take in animals often dependent on donations of kind animal lovers. They need your help to keep running so that they can continue to help as many fuzzy friends as they can. 

If you feel like helping out some adorable fuzzy friends then this is the article for you. Help out some awesome local Philadelphia animal charities.

#1 West Philly Paws

“Working to make Philadelphia a No-Kill city.”

These wonderful people help cats and dogs in need by providing foster homes for animals awaiting adoption and providing veterinary care. Second, they have several of their own clinics that care for these animals. Foster care is also a much better alternative to shelters since the animals stay in the home of a volunteer and aren’t confined to a cage in a crowded shelter. 

 As a result of their efforts, in 2017 they saved almost 3,200 homeless animals and gave vet services to 34,000

I personally adopted two adorable kitties from West Philly Paws. The light grey kitty’s name is Sterling because he’s a fancy silver boy. The dark grey kitty’s name is Greedo because we started calling him that as a joke and it stuck.

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#2 City Of Elderly Love

This organization helps foster elderly pets and helps connect pet owners to resources that help them care for their pets in their old age. They help elderly animals find homes so that they don’t end up in a shelter. 

#3 Philly No-Kill

Philly No-Kill is an organization that’s dedicated to saving the lives of animals who would otherwise not have a good chance. This orginization helps keep animals out of shelters, and connect pet owners to low cost vet care.

They offer a wide range of resources like emergency housing, instructions on how to rejoin a found pet with their family, how to find YOUR lost pet, and help if you are in the unfortunate position of having to surrender a pet. 

They do good stuff.

#4 National Grey Hound Adoption Program

This is a shelter for former racing greyhounds. They help find them homes and care for them while they’re waiting to be adopted. You can donate money, supplies, or even stop by their shelter and volunteer to walk a greyhound. 

olunteers who walk greyhounds are super important because exercise is vital to a greyhound’s overall health. Help a furry friend by stopping by and giving them some fresh air! 

The shelter is located at: 

10901 Dutton Road
Philadelphia, PA

Local Philadelphia Animal Charities Are Important

In conclusion, these organizations help keep animals in need off the streets and out of shelters where they may be euthanized. These organizations are an important part of caring for the animals who are a part of our local communities.

Lastly, our local Philadelphia animal charities run off of the donations and volunteer work of caring individuals like you!