Victorian Flower Language for a Modern World

What is Victorian Flower Language?

The Victorian Language of Flowers, also known as Florography🌸 is the use of flowers and flower arrangement to send coded messages and was popularized during the Victorian Era (1837-1901).

This was popular among aristocrats at the time. You could send either a single type of flower to convey a specific meaning, or create a bouquet with a very specific and possibly cryptic sentiment. It is an exercise in subtlety, romance, and covert communication.

Here’s some information about the history.

How is This Helpful to Us The Modern World Today?

All of us could use an exercise in subtle communication that also connects us to nature and fills our intended message with purpose. Giving someone a physical bouquet of flowers that each have a carefully chosen meaning is a wonderfully elegant and intimate gesture.

Of course, since hardly anyone is familiar with the Victorian Flower Lexicon, it is highly recommended that you include a note of some kind that states the meaning of the flowers. You should do this even if you plan to deliver them in person, so that your recipient can reference it later.

Or, it could be a fun game between you and your significant other or close friend, to try and decipher the meanings behind flowers you send each other.

It’s one thing to give a lady Roses, it’s on a whole other level entirely to give her White Roses specifically, letting her know that they symbolize Elegance.

White Roses Symbolize Elegance

Manifesting Energy With Purpose

You don’t need to send them to anyone to make use of the language of flowers. You can plant Calla Lilys in your garden to manifest their meaning of Magnificat Beauty. Or if you’re learning to practice gratitude you could surround yourself with Canterbury Bells.

The possibilities are endless. You could even combine it with your Aroma Therapy routine if you have one. The fragrance of the flowers can envelop you in their scent, adding another dimension to internalize as you manifest your energy. It can be meditative even.

The possibilities are endless. Here’s an extensive reference of Victorian flower meanings.

Pressed Flowers, a Memory With Meaning

If you decide to take part in this practice, I encourage you to press flowers form significant events. The flowers won’t last forever, but you can take little keepsakes along the way. How lovely would it be to look through a scrapbook of pressed flowers that you sent or received as a type of conversation? It certainly beats looking through old texts out of the water.

Set the Atmosphere of Events

Weather it’s a wedding, funeral, or a dinner with friends, setting the atmosphere with meaningful blooms is one way to create a memorable time. Make sure you convey that the flowers have meaning though. You can simply tell your guests in casual conversation, or give each guest a flower with a ribbon and tag saying something like “Canterbury Bells for Gratitude”.

Send a Message

Of course, if you’re lucky enough to have people in your circle that would like to participate in some coded-flower-message-sending, then by all means use the language of flowers the way it was originally intended to be used.

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