This Very Sweet Kitty Needs A Home

by, mira

Need a Kitty?

Maybe you need this Kitty. Meet Catty ♡ a very sweet 12 year old calico rescue.


  • Loves affection
  • Is very friendly with strangers (will come up to anyone and want pets)
  • Will sit on your lap and purr for hours
  • Very Soft (comes with state of the art software)
  • Pudgy (not overweight just a very round girl)
  • Very pretty colors
  • Wet lil nose
  • Drools when happy
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  • 12 Years Old
  • Abou 9.5lb
  • Declawed In Front Paws
  • Strictly Indoor Cat
  • Has all her shots
  • Is fixed
  • Microchipped

What She Comes With: 

  • One Weeks worth of her normal cat food
  • Her water & food bowl
  • Her favorite pink bed & kitty sized blanket
  • Vet records
  • Collar & Complimentary custom tag

In typical cat fashion, here’s her NEXT to her bed and kitty sized-blanket ^^

Catty’s Story

She was originally a rescue, found as a kitten under a car by my uncle and four year old cousin 12 years ago. She was then taken in, and lived with their little family for years.

In the past year my uncle was diagnosed with lung cancer and could no longer take care of her due to poor health. They were going to have to take her to a shelter where she would have likely been euthanized since her age meant it was highly unlikely she’d be adopted. Since I couldn’t stand to see her go to a shelter I took her in (with my other two cats).

It took a while to get her adjusted to living in a new place and at first she was very scared and hid in my closet for three weeks.

Why We Need To Re-Home Her 😔

After she became a little more adjusted to her new home we kept her separate from my other two cats (she stayed in my bedroom). We introduced the cats to each-other properly and my two cats quickly adjusted but she didn’t. We tried many times to get the her to get along with the other kitties but it became clear that she really needs to live in a single-kitty home.

Our original plan was to get her adopted ASAP and not have her live with us (three cats is a lot), but we found out that she had an infection in her uterus, and some tumors on her belly. and needed an emergency spay and have the tumors removed (she’s perfectly healthy now though and it’s not an issue that is likely to happen again). It took a while for me to nurse her back to health and by then we thought we’d try and have her live with us permanently since she’s so mild mannered, but it didn’t exactly work out.

Since she’s declawed in her front paws, and my other two cats are rambunctious 3 year old boys who have all of their claws and like to play rough, she kept getting scratched up.

She’s clearly very stressed out about living with other cats and it’s just not sustainable for her to continue living with us.

I want her to go to a loving single cat home so that she can have the life she deserves and I can stop having to break up cat fights on the daily.

If I’m being honest, I’ve gotten quite attached to her and I’m pretty sad to have to re-home her but I know that it’s what’s best for her.

How To Adopt This Lil Fluffy Angel

Fill out this form and I’ll contact you ASAP.

Bonus Video Of Her Being Conversational And Cute

Bonus pics of all three cats being very organized boys:

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