Misadventures With Clickbait #2: Automating Everything And Creating A Minimal Effort Content Machine

by, mira

So this month I took a deep dive into social media automation. 

An Update On Things

So for the month of May 2018 here’s a chart of the increase in traffic:

And here’s a chart of my increase in Google Ad revenue:

Last month ended with 262 views. So I’ve more than doubled the traffic to my site, and I did this by putting in slightly more effort than last month. I’ve got almost Zero brand loyalty but I’ve at least I’ve kept traffic up, but honestly, I don’t really know how or why this increase in traffic happened. I’ve also managed to drastically increase ad revenue this month, going from .41¢ to $7.78.

The increase in ad revenue is directly attributed to the increase in ad clicks, which I can only guess happened because of the increase in traffic + me adding ads to places where they’re more likely to be clicked (i.e. popup ads on mobile, & in-article ads).

It’s pretty amazing to me that it’s month #2 and I can already see a path to a reliable passive income stream but I haven’t even cracked 1000 views a month yet.

My only goal was to double the .41¢ I made to .82¢ this month and my little clickbait site would have been perfectly on track. If I can manage to double that 7.78 each month I’ll hit the payout threshold (google doesn’t pay me until I make $100) in 4 months, instead of the 9 months, I’d have to wait if I was trying to double my revenue starting with .41¢.

I’m crossing my fingers that the increase in revenue continues like this because if it does, it’ll be paying my rent in 7 months or less.

So Here’s The Catch

As I approach the $100 in ad revenue that Google requires for them to give me money, I’ve got to quickly clean up my content and abide by their terms of service when it comes to what kinds of content they’ll display ads on. This means; no violence, no sexual content AT ALL, no drugs, and no “excessive profanity”. That’s a pretty difficult thing to do. I’m not even technically allowed to link to any of that content either.

I find these rules stupid and I’m going to try and find any way around them that I can, but I’ll likely have to choose between whether I’m willing to adhere to censorship or potentially risk ad revenue decreases.

Using Google Alerts To Get Trends

I can’t believe I only just thought of this. Like I’m so angry at myself for not thinking to use google alerts sooner. Every morning I get a list of potential click-bait articles to write based on real trending topics. This frees up my creative energy so that I can work on content distribution even more.

Social Media Automation

If you’ve ever tried to set up social media automation of any kind, you’ll quickly realize it’s not that easy. Sure you can hook up a simple tool or two but having comprehensive social media automation isn’t easy. 

Instagram & Why It’s Frustrating

Instagram is a wonderful tool for artists and creatives. It allows you to craft a brand, advertise your products, and gain exposure to people who are interested in your stuff. But for me, it has one enormous critical fault: you can’t put links in your posts. So how am I, a click-baiter, supposed to use this platform to my advantage if I can’t post links for people to click?

Well, there are a few ways. Number one is that Instagram allows me to embed posts from other people into articles I write on my site. This allows me to create quick lists or articles centered on other peoples Instagram posts while giving them exposure to my audience (for better or worse).

Number two is brand awareness. It can’t hurt to post my thumbnails and article titles with a bunch of tags. It’s bound to generate me a little traffic eventually if someone clicks on my profile and visits Click Bait Ninja via the link in my bio.

Social Media Automation With Jetpack

Jetpack lets you automate twitter, linkedin, google +, and tumblr. It also lets you post to facebook, but only to your profile, not a page so I had to set something else up for that.

Social Media Automation With Buffer

Buffer allows me to schedule posts for Instagram, and my click bait ninja facebook page. Buffer also has a wordpress plugin that allows me to add new posts to my queue automatically.

More Useful Analytics

I got this cool plugin called Nelio Content that connects to your google analytics and gives you a nice overview of social media engagement and driven traffic.

This plugin also allows me to create a posting schedule, and visually plan out when my drafts will be published.

After that, I installed buffer’s WordPress plugin, so that when a scheduled post is published, it also posts to my Instagram and facebook page.

Up Next

What I’m Doing For June

Attempting to use Buzzfeed to generate traffic by creating “Meta Listicles” which will be listicles of articles on my site.

Using Twilliow to generate infinite phone numbers for gorilla marketing on dating sites with troll profiles.

Exploring other ad platforms.

Optimizing for accessibility; disabled, color blind, low-speed internet, ect.

No one (not even spam accounts) signed up for my email list, so I’m going to purchase a mailing list and see what happens.

Seeing if fiver is a viable option for outsourcing writing.

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